Review: The Other Woman

A Rom-Com that proves beautiful rich people have problems too

The Other Woman  is an occasionally funny revenge movie about female friendship. The film stars Cameron Diaz (Bad Teacher) as Carly, a woman who discovers her boyfriend Mark is married to Leslie Mann (The Bling Ring). The two form an unlikely friendship and team up with his second mistress, played by model Kate Upton.

Directed by Nick Cassavettes (The Notebook), the film has some very funny moments, but the humor is often low-brow and plenty of jokes fall flat. Still, I laughed out loud a few times. Unfortunately, outside of those few moments, the plot is utterly predictable and the occasional dramatic moments don't quite work as well as they're meant to.

Diaz is more than capable as the female lead, but Mann is the funniest part of the movie, consistently playing up her character's stupidity to amusing effect. Upton's character is there mostly for eye-candy. Her acting abilities are mediocre at best, but she is given very little to do anyway. Nicki Minaj plays Diaz's assistant in a few scenes, which is just ends up feeling weird and distracting.

My biggest issue with The Other Woman was the pacing, which just felt off, as the two hour runtime dragged. It needed an editor to cut about twenty minutes from the film to help the comedy flow better and keep things moving at a more exciting pace. Additionally, the music choices were odd. Some scenes felt silent and awkward due to a lack of soundtrack, while for other scenes the music choice was too on the nose. Music cues like the generic spy music when the women go undercover, and playing New York New York when the characters return to the city all felt unnecessary and cliche.

Ultimately, The Other Woman is a predictable Rom-Com that offers a few laughs but often aims for low-brow humor and drags on a little too long. It opens on April 25th, 2014.

Rating: 5.5/10 Stars