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Review: Tim's Vermeer

Like Mythbusters meets The Da Vinci Code

Tim Jenison (a non-painter) recreating a photo using his invention. Watch the Trailer above.

Tim's Vermeer is a surprisingly fun documentary about the nature of art obsession, for art fanatics and non-art fans alike.

Magician team Penn (Jillette) and Teller respectively narrate and direct the film, which follows eccentric inventor Tim Jenison as he attempts to test his intriguing theory of famous painter Johannes Vermeer's methods.

Jenison is not a painter, but he is an inspiring and funny subject, who has the drive and the resources to test his theory to its fullest extent: attempting to recreate one of Vermeer's paintings using the the technology he claims Vermeer used to create such realism. The film is at times a speculative history lesson in art, but director Teller explains everything  so that it is not only understandable to non-art experts like myself, but also enjoyable.

What amazed me was just how far Jenison was willing to go to prove his theory, allowing us root for him, and share in his obsessive excitement over the pursuit of new information about a long-dead artist. The film brings up many questions about whether our definition of fine art is too narrow, and allows the viewer to feel a littler bit closer to Vermeer himself.

Tim's Vermeer is an entertaining and thought provoking journey that will leave you inspired.

Rating: 4/5 Stars